By Elizabeth Alex, Pa. Regional Director, CASA, York City | Published March 19, 2018

Elections are about choosing between sides with different views on the issues. But there is one item that unites all parties: making sure voting is fair, accurate and secure. 

With voting machines that in some cases are now almost 20 years old, there is growing bipartisan consensus that Pennsylvania needs to do more to help counties modernize election systems (“Shore up York County elections machines,” March 1). 

The administration recently directed counties, when replacing their electronic voting systems, to buy new machines that leave a paper trail to ensure accuracy and safeguard against hacking. It’s a good first step. But the counties need funding to do it. 

The legislature appears to agree. In December, a Join State Government Commission advisory committee report emphasized the need for the state to provide that funding, noting that counties “would not be able to maintain the current electronic voting systems for much longer due to the age of the machines, the scarcity of parts and the costs of repairs and maintenance.” 

These statements are encouraging. But admitting a problem exists isn’t fixing the problem. 

Updating technology should be a top priority for the administration and legislators. If they want to ensure a safe, secure system, then they need to provide funding to support modernization.

You can view the original letter in the York Dispatch here