LOST AND LATE IN 2016: Why thousands of Pennsylvanians weren’t able to cast a ballot at their poll on Election Day.

Fourteen nonpartisan organizations ran a coordinated voter registration effort in 2016 that collected 24,996 applications. However, some of these applicants were not added to the voter rolls for weeks or even months after their applications had been submitted. Some were never registered at all.

Leaders from the organizations asked Keystone Votes—a coalition of 39 member organizations dedicated to modernizing elections—to conduct an analysis to determine what happened. Two key problems have been identified:

  • Voter registration applications processed too late

  • Voter registration applications potentially lost or unprocessed

At least 26,000 Pennsylvanians were potentially disenfranchised, despite having submitted a valid voter registration application on time. That number could increase if the Department of State or other agencies investigate further. More information in the full report, download here.


Funding Updates to Pennsylvania’s Election System
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Letter to political parties concerning voter intimidation to national political party leaders
Signed by Keystone Votes, and organized by Election Protection Coalition | August 31, 2016


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