Take action to modernize and secure voting systems in Pennsylvania.

Nothing is more fundamental to the way our government operates than demonstrating to the public that their votes are being captured and counted as intended, that the outcomes are correct, and that our elections are safe and secure. That includes support for new, secure, accessible and modern voting machines; implementation of commonsense and proven reforms; and updates to database technology, including the use of electronic poll books.

Investments in hardware and software are essential. Right now, 83 percent of Pennsylvanians are voting on vulnerable machines. In fact, a nonpartisan legislative advisory committee report, “Voting Technology in Pennsylvania,” emphasized the need for the state to provide funding for new machines, noting that “jurisdictions would not be able to maintain their current electronic voting systems for much longer due to the age of the machines, the scarcity of parts, and the costs of repairs and maintenance.” The total cost to replace voting systems statewide is $125 million.

Regardless of political affiliation, all of us want the same thing: safe, secure, modern elections. The time to act is now. Tell the General Assembly that now is the time to help all 67 counties modernize and secure their voting systems.

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